Through our Cloud Services, you can reduce your business running costs, gain flexibility in accessing and managing your data, and maximising security and protection.

Arcus vPBX

Virtual Private Branch Exchange (vPBX) is a service that eliminates the need for a “conventional” call center and thus a physical installation in your business area, with multiple benefits.

The Virtual Call Center functions are implemented by specialized software that is installed on the proprietary Arcus server in a high availability configuration. The only prerequisite for using the service is possession of SIP protocol compatible devices or software (IP SIP telephone sets, SIP gateways gateways, ATA analogue telephone adapters, SIP client software on PCs and others).


The vPBX service offers ALL the functionality of a traditional call center and multiple benefits to its users such as:

  • Low acquisition cost
  • No installation and configuration costs (Initial Installation).
  • High quality phone calls (via the ePhone service).
  • Eliminate equipment maintenance costs.
  • Instant expansion and shrinkage in the number of users
  • Interconnection of (internal) users from different points (non-binding uses only from the workplace)
  • Multiple telephone facilities.
  • Web service management via WEB
  • Management the calls online via the ePhone platform.
  • Easily upgrade the service to suit your business needs.
  • Interoperability with the Cloud Call Center Platform for managing and analyzing inbound calls and generate out bounding.

and many other possibilities.

Remote Desktop

Remote Desktop is essentially a lightweight computer that has been optimised to move to a server-based computer environment. The server does most of the work, which can include starting software programs and storing data.

Benefits: Hardware resource optimisation, reduced software maintenance and improved security. Ideal for companies that want a network with privacy and secure communication for their users, whether they are in the same space or are scattered around the world.

Backup Services

Automatic archiving and updating of files, implementation, testing and activation of your software, for all its users simultaneously or individually in order to accelerate the growth and improve the administrative efficiency of your business.

Your software assets are concentrated and easily populated, monitored and protected. Sensitive data is incompatible in cases of loss of desktop or theft.