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Arcus Internet Feed (AIF) is a new company active in the Attica region, focusing mainly on providing wireless broadband services on the internet for your home or business.

The digital data transmission done with the use of wireless technologies without the need use of problematic underground cabling (telephone line). Our company can provide quality services with high connection speeds at affordable prices and in comparatively shorter times than the conventional telecommunication service providers. It also gives you the ability and provides you a telephone number.

Why choose your service instead of an ADSL access?

Using AIF service is a great tool of wireless link providing guaranteed service, response time and availability relative to ADSL access and services based on copper which are services without guarantees and high availability. The AIF service is also directly comparable to optical fiber.

Why not opt in for fiber?

The main advantages of the AIF solution are:
    • Immediate installation (even within the day) in relation to the optical fiber that can lasting from a few weeks to some months.
    • Low installation cost compared to optical fiber.
    • Low monthly fee for the providing service.
    • Accessibility at points which are not accessible by optical fiber

But even if you choose to use optics Fiber, eWi can be an alternative, backup routing in case of loss of optical fiber.

Can I install the AIF service even if I don’t have a phone number (loop)?

Yes, you can install the service without the presence of a loop as it is provided wirelessly. In addition, AIF can also offer telephony services through its collaboration with ePhone over wireless link.

What about radiation?

The antennas used by AIF are directional and installed on the roof therefore the radiation is confined to the antenna. In addition, the equipment used by the AIF is low nuisance and within specifications which these are designated by the National Telecommunications and Post Commission (EETT).

How can I be sure that I can log in?

Check the availability of our service in your area or ask us to visit you for a live survey.

Is the service safe for the transportation of data?

The AIF infrastructure has encryption of the data which is implemented in its equipment customer and is transported encrypted to point of departure from our wireless network. The AIF infrastructure has encryption of the data which is implemented in the customer’s equipment and is transported encrypted to point of departure from our wireless network. Therefore, there is no question of data security within our wireless network.

How much does the service cost?

The price is adjusted as needed you. You can check availability at your area or contact a representative of our company.

How much does the equipment cost?

The equipment is provided for use for those months you are a subscriber of the service and is returned after this is completed.